Warren Hays, Executive Director

Having served as a Senior Law Enforcement Chaplain for over 10 years, Laude Warren Hays is a Pastor at Alexander Valley Christian Fellowship, 7 miles northeast of Healdsburg.  He serves as Chaplain for the Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, serves on the board of Lifechangers, which includes a U.S. teaching ministry and orphanage in Uganda, serves on the board for Emmanuel Ministries, a mission in Juarez, Mexico, and is a former Chaplain and Board Member for the West Coast Post Trauma Retreat.

BreeAnn Crespan, Senior Chaplain

With over 10 years experience in both the emergency medical field and working as a civilian employee for a law enforcement agency, BreeAnn has been a Law Enforcement Chaplain since 2006. She directs the Chaplain Academy, an intensive five-month training program which every LECS Chaplain must complete.  She also participates on various LECS teams, including the School Crisis Team, Law Enforcement Debrief Team, Correctional Support Team, and the Every 15 Minutes Program.  In 2018 BreeAnn started serving as a Board Member on the Board of Directors for The Ruthie Lou Foundation.  This foundation's purpose is to offer resources, support, and hope for bereaved families whose baby has died before, during, or shortly after birth.

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Service in Sonoma County Volunteer Chaplains

Jo Benwell, Ted Briggs, Rocky Call, Russ Clifford, Nola Colbert, Rita Constantini, Kathy Eastman,

Jeannie Ferretti, Heidi Fortkamp, Mayra Gallegos, Elizabeth Goodson, Louise Graves,

Harry Hollingshead, Veronica Hsieh, Kara Jacobs, Melissa Jones, Susan Keehn, Hanni Köhle,

Cruz Lopez, Mary Miller, Robin Mosso, Aida Ortiz, Zeke Ortiz, Angela Perkins, Stacy Perkins,

Hildred Powers, Eric Sandstrom, Gayle Shirley, Jessica Soulié, Jan Varfolomeff, Leslie Warren,

Eva Wolverton